i have no idea how this is gonna go down ngl

the idea is that i keep track of what im doing in my life in a blog format i think.

but like how that goes, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anyway heres a list of all my entries:

  1. making a website i guess // bp_20210505_000001.html
  2. letting go seems impossible and this is not news // bp_20210507_000002.html
  3. i sat under a tree and watched youtube videos about apple inc while thinking about self promotion // bp_20210508_000003.html
  4. fall down, get back up or whatever ur dad would say // bp_20210509_000004.html
  5. chudeligans outing to hollenbeck lake park // bp_20210510_000005.html
  6. some selfies, some beach photos, some night photos, one meme. // bp_20210521_000006.html
  7. reading books has helped me make better decisions i think // bp_20210531_000007.html
  8. making things is pretty cool when you don't worry about a product // bp_20210615_000008.html
  9. here is where i am at rn. // bp_20210816_000009.html
  10. i wrote this in a starbucks // bp_20211206_000010.html
  11. spokane makes me feel kind of odd // bp_20211227_000011.html
  12. i think creators are cool // bp_20220113_000012.html
  13. ??????? // bp_20220201_000013.html
  14. i am really happy to be alive, and its my friends and i's fault // bp_20220206_000014.html
  15. i like making things, i dislike capitalism // bp_20220219_000015.html
  16. ads, attention, cringe, perception, AGH! // bp_20220228_000016.html
  17. im in a coffee shop and im doing this instead of writing in my journal // bp_20220301_000017.html
  18. i watched a really long YouTube video // bp_20220322_000018.html
  19. i found a new artist while looking for my own song lol // bp_20220410_000019.html
  20. fytch makes great music // bp_20220424_000020.html
  21. it's midnight in brooklyn and i have no idea what im doing. // bp_20220624_000021.html
  22. it's the apocalypse in america, but thats nothing new // bp_20220625_000022.html
  23. in a studio hanging w new friends while i make an article about an old friend. // bp_20220630_000023.html
  24. i played the best show of my life at a skatepark in connecticut // bp_20220717_000024.html